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Accurate, professional estimates and invoices, with your pricing, 10 times faster than Excel, all in one convenient place.

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What's Quick Estimates?

Quick Estimates helps you estimate jobs in a fraction of the time. Say goodbye to clipboards, note pads, and Excel, and hello to impressed customers.
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Your estimation process with Quick Estimates:

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Manage and monitor

Manage and monitor all your estimates online in one spot, from any computer or device.

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Estimates as you go

Room by room with a client, showing them exactly what their money can buy. Pulling up prices you've input in your personal database.

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  • Screen capture of estimates page
  • Screen capture of list of works
  • Screen capture of account settings and estimate markups

Keep track of all your past and present estimates in one spot.

any computer, anywhere.

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  • Screen capture of new estimate
  • Screen capture of estimate products
  • Screen capture of estimate costs

Go room by room with a client, and actually show them exactly what their money can buy.

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Quick Estimates uses Amazon’s world class servers, which means all of your data is immediately and securely stored in the cloud, and available wherever you are. Your estimates are always stored in a safe place, in case you lose an Internet connection or your device loses battery power.

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